NY BBA III Breeding Codes: Confirmations

By Julie Hart, Atlas Project Coordinator

What are the different categories of breeding evidence?

The atlas breeding codes fall into four categories or levels: Observed, Possible, Probable, and Confirmed. As you can tell by their names, they range from weak to strong evidence for breeding. Observed and Possible codes indicate that a bird is present, but we don’t have enough evidence to say that they are attempting to breed.

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Migration from Yahoo Groups to Groups.io

Red-throated Loon, from “A History of British Birds” (1862), Smithsonian Institution

Owing to the impending changes at Yahoo Groups, we are in the process of moving our email discussion group over to Groups.io. To subscribe to the discussion group there, you’ll first need to set up a Groups.io account—all you need is your email address (any email address) and a password. Once your account is set up, find the Mearns Club group by clicking on the button below. On the page that opens up, you’ll be able to request to join the group.

Once your request is approved, you can go to the Subscription tab and specify how you’d like to receive group messages—for example, as individual messages, a digest, or not at all if you prefer to read the messages on the website.

Anyone can join the email discussion group at Groups.io. You do not need to be a member of the Mearns Club, although we encourage you to join. We welcome new members!