NY BBA III Breeding Codes: Possibles and Probables

By Julie Hart, NY BBA III

Possible Breeding Codes

There are only two codes that fall in the Possible category and they are used to indicate the presence of a species in the block in the appropriate habitat (H) and singing birds (S). Both of these codes should only be used if the bird is in appropriate nesting habitat (you may have to look this up online or in a field guide) and only during the breeding season (look this up on the Breeding Guideline Bar Chart). With both codes, it’s a good idea to return to the site a few weeks later to see if you can bump up the code for that species to the Probable or Confirmed categories. It’s likely the bird is on territory but maybe you are there at the wrong time of day or too early in the season. 

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NY BBA III Breeding Codes: Confirmations

By Julie Hart, Atlas Project Coordinator

What are the different categories of breeding evidence?

The atlas breeding codes fall into four categories or levels: Observed, Possible, Probable, and Confirmed. As you can tell by their names, they range from weak to strong evidence for breeding. Observed and Possible codes indicate that a bird is present, but we don’t have enough evidence to say that they are attempting to breed.

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