Field Trips

American Kestrels, from “Birds of New York” (1914), Cornell University Library

Field Trip Schedule

Birders of ALL levels—from beginner to expert—are welcome on Mearns Club field trips. Please join us!

In January 2009, the Mearns Club adopted the American Birding Association Code of Birding Ethics. Please keep the tenets of the code in mind when participating in Mearns Club field trips.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Field Trips

• Groups will be limited to 10 people. If more than 10 people attend, a second group will be formed.
• There will be no carpooling, except by family members.
• Masks are required for all participants.
• Social distancing will be practiced.
• There will be no sharing of optics, including spotting scopes.


May 5, Wednesday, Glenmere Lake: Meet Kathy Ashman (421-5478) at the town park at 8:00 AM. Watch for possible change in venue due to COVID-19.

May 5, Wednesday, Goosepond Mountain State Park: Meet Bob Slechta (541-8210) in the parking lot of the mini mall next to the Chester McDonald’s at 8 am.

May 8, Bashakill Wildlife Management Area: Meet Joyce Depew (978-9952) Karen Miller (381-3283) at the Stop Sign Trail at 8:00 AM. This is the place to be in early May!

May 14–15, Friday–Saturday, Break 100: The Break 100 will go on this year from Friday, May 14, to Saturday, May 15, although there will be a few changes as a result of COVID-19. Any team configuration is allowed, including a team of one. Each team gets to pick the continuous 24-hour period desired, e.g., from 2 AM Friday to 2 AM Saturday, or 12 noon Friday to 12 noon Saturday, or all day Friday (midnight to midnight). The main point to remember is that everyone should operate in a COVID-safe manner while trying to identify as many species as possible within Orange County, and break 100. There will not be a countdown dinner, so teams can relax a little and get their data to Kathy Ashman (, or 845-421-5478) by Sunday. Data should also be sent to Ajit Antony ( for the spreadsheet. It would also be appreciated if you included the location of any notable sightings/species. In addition, please let Kathy and Ajit know beforehand if you will be participating, so they can prepare for the incoming data stream.

May 16, Sunday, Hudson Highlands Nature Museum Outdoor Discovery Center (formerly Kenridge Farm): Meet Amy Greher (783-6363) at the Cornwall Dog Park at 8:00 AM and see if we can get more than 60 species!

May 19, Wednesday, Ironwood Drive: Meet Dave Baker (446-4030) in the cul-de-sac at the end of Ironwood Drive (Tuxedo Park, NY) at 8:00 AM to check out one of the last locations for Golden-winged Warbler.

May 22, Goosepond Mountain State Park: Meet Kathy Ashman (421-5478) in the parking lot of the mini mall next to the Chester McDonald’s at 7:30 AM. Mourning Warbler is possible.

May 29, Shawangunk Grasslands National Wildlife Refuge: Meet Tom Crepet and Jane Vecchione (255-0565) at 8:00 AM for grassland species at their best!

Pileated Woodpecker. Photo by Karen Miller.

Summer Break


August 21, Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge: Meet Joyce Depew (978-9952) at the Owens Station Road parking area at 8:00 AM for egrets, ibis, Least Bittern, and who knows what else.

August 28, Black Dirt region: Meet Karen Miller (381-3283) in the parking lot of The Jolly Onion restaurant in Pine Island, New York, at 8:00 AM; we hope to find some Buffed-breasted Sandpipers.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron. Photo by Bill Fiero.


September 11, Stewart State Forest: Meet Bill Fiero (728-5208) at the North Ridge Road parking area of Stewart State Forest at 8:00 AM. Perhaps a Yellow-breasted Chat?

September 18, Winding Waters Trail (Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge): Meet Kathy Ashman (421-5478) in the trail parking lot at 8:00 AM. Maybe we will be lucky with a Connecticut Warbler.

September 25, Bashakill Wildlife Management Area: Meet Scott Baldinger (888-2333) at the deli fields at 8:30 AM. Philadelphia Vireo and Gray-cheeked Thrush are likely!


The phone number given for each trip leader is there for you to call the night before or the morning of if you have any questions. You can also keep an eye on the Mearns site for last-minute changes.

If you lead a trip you, are responsible for sending a write-up to Richard Van Tieghem at