Bashakill Field Trip (3/17), Updated Meeting Location

Eurasian Wigeon, from “Ornithologia neerlandica” (1922–1935), Biodiversity Heritage Library

Saturday March 17, 2018: Meet Scott Baldinger (888-2333) at 8:30 AM to check out the Bashakill for ducks, grebes, Rusty Blackbirds and Fox Sparrows.

March 16 update from the trip leader: “When arriving for tomorrow’s 8:30 am field trip I am going to ask you to park at the DEC parking area along Haven Rd. I would like for our group to try for the [Eurasian] wigeon to start our trip before we proceed to the regular meeting place at the Stop Sign Trail parking area. This way we have a great chance for all in our group to see what has been the target bird for so many folks in the Hudson Valley.”