Croton Point Park

Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Golden-Crowned Kinglet, Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, and Blue–Gray Gnatcatcher, from “Birds of New York” (1915), Cornell University Library


Croton Point Park is a 508-acre site situated on a peninsula on the east shore of the Hudson River in Westchester County. The lower trail provides access to the tip of the peninsula.

Proximity to the river makes this a great location for Bald Eagles in the winter, as well as a variety of waterfowl, including Bufflehead and Common Goldeneye. Great-horned Owls and Eastern Screech Owls can be seen, and the capped landfill, now a meadow, provides habitat for sparrows, American Pipits, Horned Larks, Snow Buntings, and Lapland Longspurs, depending on the season. Occasionally, Long-Eared Owls are present, and a Northern Wheatear has stopped by in the past.

On your way south to Croton-on-Hudson, stop at Charles Point Pier Park for Great Cormorants (in the winter), waterfowl, Bald Eagles, Fish Crows, and gulls; and then move on to George’s Island Park for more eagles and waterfowl, including the occasional Red-throated Loon.